Hardcore M2 CSL under development at BMW

19 September 2017

A hardcore version of the BMW M2, with 400 bhp and a stripped out interior, looks set to bring the CSL moniker back for the first time since 2004.

BMW recently confirmed plans to resurrect the CSL name, which will reportedly appear on the back of a more pointed version of the M2 set to appear towards the end of the 2-Series’ lifecycle in 2019. The run-out model is expected to produce around 400 bhp from a turbocharged, three-litre straight-six likely borrowed from the M3 and M4. It is expected that a detuned version of the S55 will be chosen over an uprated version of the older N55 because of increased reliability and the improved responsiveness of the newer engine. This power plant is expected to propel the car to 62 mph in less than four seconds.

Power will be sent exclusively to the rear wheels though either a six-speed manual or a seven –speed dual-clutch transmission, while the hardcore credentials  continue with carbon fibre components to reduce weight, as well as a stripped out interior with sports seats.


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