Lotus launches Exige Cup 430

9 November 2017

Lotus has revealed its most extreme Exige ever, which uses a development of the 3.5 V6 from the Lotus Evora GT430.

The Cup 430 is a production series model which takes the place of the Cup 380, that was limited to just 60 models. The engine puts out 424 bhp at 7,000 rpm and 325 lb ft of torque from 4,000 rpm. This is plenty to power the Cup 430’s 1059 kilograms to 62 mph in just 3.3 seconds, before going on to a 180 mph max speed, at which point the car will be generating 220 kg of downforce.

To harness all that power, the Cup 430 benefits from a range of new aero elements, including an ultra-lightweight front clam with carbon fibre ducts and wider radiator apertures, and a new mesh pattern grille to allow for a drag reducing air curtain mechanism and front splitter.

Lotus Group’s CEO Jean-Marc Gales, said that it was a car the company had always wanted to build.  “As well as a significant power hike, the Cup 430 has benefited from extensive development in areas essential to Lotus’ DNA, in order to ensure that the full potential of the Exige’s incredible chassis can be exploited. This car has no rivals – inside or outside of its price bracket – and it’s no exaggeration when we say that nothing can keep up with this Exige on the road or track.”

Power is driven through a close ratio six-speed manual gearbox, before being put on the track by formidable Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. Of course, the extra power means that better brakes are needed. As such the Cup 430 comes with forged, four-piston AP Racing brake callipers and new performance two-piece J-hook brake discs.


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