BMW M2 Competition pack leaked

10 April 2018

Images of the upcoming BMW M2 Competition Pack have surfaced online, and suggest the uprated machine will be faster and sportier.

According to reports, the new model will inherit the twin-turbocharged straight six engine currently found in the M3, although the power plant is expected to be detuned from the M3’s 431 hp to around 405 hp; a nice bump from the 370 hp of the standard M2, while still protecting the prestige of its bigger stablemate. Even more enticingly the engine’s torque figure is expected to remain unchanged, bestowing the M2 Competition with a heady 0-62 figure of 4.2 seconds, handily edging out the bigger and heavier M3. That figure is for a car with the dual-clutch gearbox which is likely to be fitted as standard, although there is still hope that purists will be able to plump for the manual which forms an inseparable part of the standard M2’s visceral character.

In addition to the power gains using the S55 engine from the M3 should mean the M2 Competition is even more exciting and charismatic, thanks to that block’s use of a lighter crankshaft, stronger pistons as well as some other more exotic components compared to the N55 of the M2.

Outside the Competition will get a smattering of cosmetic upgrades including new wheels, a revised front bumper, black badges and a black kidney grill as well as the rest of the facelifted M2’s design changes.


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