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Written and edited by RACE TECH's Editor-in-Chief William Kimberley, Track Car Performance magazine reflects the growing interest in tracks days, club motorsport and Time Attack of which it is now the official media partner.

The magazine will appeal to everyone from the person who just wants to take their car to the track for a bit of fun to the high-end track car owner who all have the same mission in mind - that is to go as fast as possible along a given piece of track!

Track Car Performance magazine will also contain everything you need to know to convert your road car into a race car, items such as roll cages and seat belts, extinguishes and track side equipment such as video systems and lap timers and how to test your car on a rolling road.

Hardware such as dampers and turbos, induction kits and tuned exhausts, tyres and brakes, to items like helmets, gloves and race suits will also all be covered as will hints and advice on driving techniques.


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