MotoGP star tracks a Radical SR3

8 September 2016

British Moto GP race winner and Team Suzuki Ecstar rider, Maverick Viñales, has tested a Hayabusa powered Radical SR3 on the Stowe circuit at Silverstone.

The MotoGP rider took his maiden MotoGP race win at the 2016 Octo MotoGP British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the first premier motorcycle race win for Suzuki in eight years.

Taking some precious time out of riding, Viñales tested the Radical SR3, which is powered by a 1.5 litre four cylinder Suzuki Hayabusa engine, a popular Radical engine and track car engine too.

“For me the most impressive thing was the corner speed and the grip and the downforce,” said the 21 year-old MotoGP race winner, “It was very impressive how fast you can go through the corners, and I was not used to this, because on a bike you go more slowly.”

The SR3 receives bespoke Dunlop track day tyres, front 200/580/R15, rear 265/605/R16.

“From MotoGP I am used to fast acceleration,” he added, ” but, even with the heavier weight of the car, I can feel the acceleration from the Hayabusa engine. In all the gears you can still feel it pushing.”

To watch Viñales in action at Silverstone in the Radical SR3 click here.

Viñales enjoyed his maiden MotoGP race win at the Octo British MotoGP at the beginning of September.
Viñales in action on the infield Stowe circuit at Silverstone in a Hayabusa powered Radical SR3


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