Ariel Launch the highest power Nomad yet

15 July 2020

Following the launch of the Nomad in 2015 and the supercharged version in 2016 Ariel Motor Company has announced the ultimate version of the Ariel Nomad – the Nomad R. Priced at £64,500 + Vat. Each car will be built by one technician individually to order

it will be limited to only five cars

As with all Ariel products the Nomad R has a Honda engine at its heart. Differing from the standard Nomad, which features a 2.4 litre Honda K24 engine, the Nomad R has a K20Z3 2.0 litre engine fitted with Ariel’s own Eaton Type, twin lobe supercharger system. Running at 11 psi intake boost the engine produces 335 bhp at 7600 rpm and 330 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. A fabricated aluminium air-to-water charge cooler is fitted to optimise intake temperatures.


Power is up by 100 bhp on the standard car and torque is up by 90 Nm. The outstanding power delivery, reliability and durability of the Ariel/Honda supercharged installation has been proven over the last 15 years, starting with the Atom 2 and culminating in the Atom 3.5R. The Nomad R builds on this experience and takes it to a new level. As with all Ariel products usability, dependability, reliability and consistency is as important as outright power.

Drive is via a 6-speed, close ratio Sadev sequential  race gearbox, similar to those used in the Ariel Atom 3.5R and original Atom V8 but uprated to the latest ST82-17 model. The aluminium ST82-17 is the flagship of the Sadev range combining optimised architecture in a small package weighing only 38 kilos. The gearbox features integrated oil pump, straight cut gears, dog ring gear engagement and a 3-disc ramp and plate limited slip differential, fitted with externally adjustable preload. Sadev uprated driveshafts are fitted to cope with the additional power and torque.

The gearbox is fitted with ‘Tarmac Rally’ ratios and 12/53 final drive, operated by an electronically controlled, pneumatic shifter. A single paddle behind the right side of the steering wheel is used for one finger gear shifts – pull for upshift, push for downshift.

Upshifts take 40 milliseconds, downshifts 50 milliseconds with auto blip on downshifts for smoother transition between gears. The system gives clutchless shifting on acceleration and deceleration right down to low speed with the clutch only used for start and stop. Full flat floor acceleration is therefore possible without lifting off the throttle pedal, removing the time taken for a normal manual gear change.

The car features the standard long travel geometry but now controlled by specifically developed Bilstein MDS 2-way adjustable monotube dampers. Individual adjustment is possible for compression and rebound and these are complemented by Eibach springs again developed specifically for the car. Lightweight 18” multispoke alloy rims are fitted with Yokohama A052 tyres. 4-piston Alcon callipers and 2-piece ventilated discs are fitted front and rear with adjustable brake bias for off road use.

Revised ergonomics and the latest individual, lightweight Atom 4 seats feature in the Nomad R together with full harness seat belts. Bodywork is a mix of composite and rotationally moulded parts with high vulnerability areas designed to take abuse and Nomad R graphics complete the package. A range of options, as with all Ariel products, is available to individualise each car to customer requirements.

Its performance has been aimed at very high-speed road and track use. The gear ratios fitted as standard give acceleration of 0-60mph in 2.9seconds and a top speed of 121mph.

“Our aim was to give maximum acceleration and in gear performance, rather than outright top speed,” says Henry Siebert-Saunders, manager of Nomad development. “We’ve used knowledge gained from over five years of the Nomad, 15 years of supercharging Honda engines and the Atom 3.5R drivetrain to make this a truly staggering car. Feedback from our customers shows that top speed is becoming increasingly academic and even on many UK tracks is limited. We can alter gear ratios if required, but the Nomad R set up suits both the car and its intended use

“It’s incredibly quick but also very driveable and above all fun but our customers need reliability whatever they are doing, be it hooning around a field, doing a track day or driving thousands of miles around Europe, so attention to detail is paramount.”


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