Öhlins launches the Porsche Club Sport Kit

9 June 2017
Öhlins has launched the Porsche Club Sport Kit that features Öhlins’ well known TTX (Twin-Tube) technology.
The unique combination of a 46 mm, two way adjusted, through rod and lightweight McPherson strut for the front and a 36mm lightweight rear mounted TTX shock will completely transform your car.
The Öhlins Club Sport kit use the technology derived from Touring cars and GT3 racing but in this version, the shocks are also set up for street use.
With the club race kit you will cut seconds of your lap times compared to the standard setup on the racetrack, and you are only a few clicks away from the street comfort setting.
With more adjustability options, you are able to fine-tune the suspension setting for each individual track as well as the tires you chose to use.
Öhlins professional test drivers have tested all settings to find the optimum performance so you can focus on the driving.
  • TTX-technology
  • Fully independent two-way adjustable shock absorbers
  • Rebuildable
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Height adjustable
  • 20 mm lower than standard
  • Springs ordered separately
  • McPherson strut
  • Two-way adjustable
  • Spring preload adjuster
  • Coil springs (Springs ordered separately)
  • Use with original top mounts


  • TTX shock absorber
  • Two-way adjustable
  • Spring preload adjuster
  • Coil springs (Springs ordered separately)
  • Use with original top mounts


  • 35020-13 -Cancellation kit PASM


  • 991 GT3
  • FRONT MAIN: 48120-17 (ERS-120-60-100) – Spring rate 100 N/mm
  • FRONT HELPER SPRING: 05173-12 (ERS-40-60-20)
  • REAR MAIN:48140-29 (ERS-140-60-160) – Spring rate 160 N/mm
  • 991 GT3 RS
  • FRONT MAIN: 48120-21 (ERS-120-60-120) – Spring rate 120 N/mm
  • FRONT HELPER SPRING: 05173-12 (ERS-40-60-20)
  • REAR MAIN: 48140-29 (ERS-140-60-220) – Spring rate 220 N/mm
  • REAR HELPER SPRING: 05173-17 (ERS-40-60-20)

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